Require Law Makers Read the Bills They Sign

Politicians today are signing multi hundred or multi-thousand page bills they have neither the time nor it seems inclination to read before they sign into law. They base their decisions upon information provided to them by lobbyists who are paid by special interests to push their agendas. Non related pork projects and “earmarks” are slipped into bills at the last minute buried in thousand page documents delivered in the middle of the night with no time to thoroughly read and review before signing.

Here’s something both republicans and democrats, conservatives and liberals and Americans of all stripes can agree on. A bill to require politicians read the bills before they sign them into law.

Although this might be the a little bit outside the normal information you expect to find here at it is vitally important for all Americans. If we aren’t more vigilant about preserving democracy and our freedoms by holding our lawmakers accountable we will find more and more of the laws that we as Americans must follow tailored to the desires of special interests.

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