RedChip Interview with David Morgan

RedChip Small-Cap Radio David Morgan on Money, Metals & Mining
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As long as you can ride out the short term volatility and invest for the long term you will profit. That’s the precious metals investing plan we have been suggesting our members here at follow for years. Make sure you check out our other resources and within the next few days we will have a page of resources from David Morgan.

9 thoughts on “RedChip Interview with David Morgan”

  1. @RedPillFactory you live under authority, you need to be the authority. We can do anything we want and are not ruled by the elites. The beauty of economics is they can only control it for so long, then (economic) laws take over. Do you think ‘They’ will be able to overcome economic laws. Grow up

  2. Silver is at ZERO gains compared to a year ago (ZERO), despite all the fantastic claims that were made last year by all the seers. The effects of PM price manipulation has made Turky, Baloney and Borg(an) look like fools. They should all stop making predictions about what is going where by when. Price suppression will keep prices substantially in check until the house of cards starts really coming down. With capital controls coming next, we’ll be lucky to cash in when prices do skyrocket.

  3. silverguru if borrowed money is locked at 2.6% do you think the banks can just raise it without notice?

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