David Morgan Shares His Top Precious Metals Stocks

Top Commodity Stocks According to Precious Metals Expert

Silver has tremendous potential both because of its monetary value as a precious expert and also the tremendous industrial demand that seems to grow with each new technology advance. David Morgan, a noted silver expert, talks about the tremendous industrial demand for silver, some of the new industrial applications and shares his favorite commodity stocks. You can use the search feature here on to find more videos from David Morgan. You can also find more resources from David Morgan located on the David Morgan page here at www.preciousmetalsinvesting.com
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10 thoughts on “David Morgan Shares His Top Precious Metals Stocks”

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  3. yz250thatownsyou

    I dont know why people even bother trying to predict the metals prices with so much manipulation going on. obviously the price is artificially suppressed.

  4. These guys have NO clue what their saying. all their quoting is the day standings.. rookies..remember GOLD and SILVER is NOT an Investment.. Its an Insurance policy to PROTECT YOUR WEALTH… Better then leaving your cash in any fkn bank..

  5. we just broke 1600$ you big dummy!1 boy were u dead wrong!! You should loose your job and if your self employed just shut th F#$k up!

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