Silver Eagles – Behind the Scene at the US Mint

The American Silver Eagle is one of the most beautiful and sought after silver bullion coins. We are long term fans here at Ever wondered how they are made? Here’s a behind the scenes look from the US Mint at West Point. Besides the fascinating look at how the coins are made one of the interesting points was the graph that showed the tremendous growth in production from 1986 when the silver eagle production was first started. Even with this tremendous growth in production the Mint is hard pressed to meet the tremendous demand as more people come to realize the potential of investing in silver. As the video pointed out there are about 12 vendors the mint deals with and if you have visited some of their sites lately you will often see the sold out sign.

47 thoughts on “Silver Eagles – Behind the Scene at the US Mint”

  1. You will be happy soon… silver will drop again and again lol. Just look at 2008 recession… it’s a begining. You will be rich soon!!

  2. Right because im pretty sure monday was the best day to buy silver it hit like 650 for 20 eagles so smd. Your commenting on shit tht happened over a month ago

  3. @xchris109x they aren’t raising margins you clown! they actually are dropping them! They are raising maintenance. The price isn’t getting crushed!

  4. I live by northwest territorial mint… be jealous! They pay spot price… not like those slimy bullion shops

  5. SilverGoldCollection

    Nice… I did the exact same thing, Picked up 10 ounces myself at just over $30 an ounce! Keep Stacking!

  6. hahaha why would you pay a 15% premium on silver when it did a big dip…hahah I get sunshine rounds at 1.50 over spot…well drink up me hearty yoho

  7. Im waiting until monday to make a large purchase I think the margin increases are an attempt to crush the prices.

  8. @stangGTKKK187 I don’t use credit card 🙂 but if you are, good for you! damn those stupid banks. Keep stacking my friend!

  9. SilverMapleLeafs

    @TheyKNOWandYOUdont you are right! Silver is dropping since this morning! Yikes, $30.44 right now. Keep stacking!

  10. just pickup 2 1986 American Silver Eagle Coin Brilliant Uncirculated for $99.16 from provident metals..Like you I should have waited until this morning… 🙂

  11. @p154831 correct, we can buy new stamps from post office, not from philatelic dealers. We can get new paper dollars, and non silver coins from banks at face value. This middle man cut for silver and gold eagles must banned

  12. that’s bs. I believe that the general public should be able to buy direct.. They are just giving money to the jews though

  13. @chop98 I hear you, but the Mint simply can’t handle retail sales, which is why they have approved purchasers.

  14. silverandgoldfan

    You guys should produce a limited version of the Eagle with a new design every year. You can make the traditional design and mass produce it like usual but in addition make like 1 million with alternate images of the eagle. You could charge extra to cover the costs and make a profit. Give Silver Eagle collectors something more then just collecting dates.

  15. @stripe64 My point exactly. If the mint is for the American people, then how is it that only 12 purchasers are allowed? Just like Wall Street, the power of the economy/units in the hands of a few is a dangerous thing. Notice how they all had the frenzy over the 5 oz. coin collection? It’s a way to generate another racket. Everybody should be allowed to purchase. Ya know?

  16. AnarchoCapitalistTV

    proud to be the only person to dislike this. the state should keep it’s hands off of precious metals. grrrr.

  17. Notice No one inspecting the coins for defects, the machine stamped the coin.
    and a robot could pack them faster without scratching.
    where did they find those people LOL

  18. @chop98 There are only about 12 approved purchasers on the mints list. The “general public” isn’t one of them.

    The approved purchasers get the metals at wholesale I believe. Things like the America the Beautiful 5 oz bullion coins are only sold to approved purchasers.

  19. One would imagine that an “approved purchaser” would be any member of the general public. A dozen purchasers could really wreak havoc on the secondary market should silver sky rocket in the future. Does that have anything to do with an outside private entity (Federal Reserve) having influence over the original printing press for the United States of America? We all know they don’t want competition on their cash debt money cow. 🙂

  20. @bdsmith1942
    They never said anything about the coins being proof. All the billion coins in this video are mint state.

  21. If this is a video about the distinctive video about the West Point minting program will there be a future video showing how San Francisco mint has adapted to also being a producer of silver bullion strikes?

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