Ron Paul on the benefits of buying gold

Ron Paul on the benefits of buying gold

Former Rep. Ron Paul, (R-Texas), on the benefits of buying gold. Ron has serious concerns about a potential collapse of the monetary system.

Read Ron’s critique of the American politicians who have driven this coutry to the brink of bankrupcy. The corrupt political system with its focus on war and defense spending has bankrupted the country. The only way that massive spending could be sustained is by an equally massive printing of money out of thin air. 4 Trillion dollars have been printed out of thin air! That has led to a massive decline in the value of the dollar. It is estimated that a dollar now has only 2% of the buying power it had in 1900. While the same investment in gold would not only have maintained its value but given you a tremendous appreciation

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Swords into Plowshares

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8 thoughts on “Ron Paul on the benefits of buying gold”

  1. Ben Reed's Channel

    #Mak Muk Was Right There is a lot of inflation; despite what the government says. Anyone who's gone food shopping in the past month knows this, as do building contractors and remodelers and any homeowner who's done any home improvements recently. There is also lots of inflation the past 3 years in health care costs, college and many other products and services. Basically people's money is buying less and less each year, despite what the government and many financial "experts" say @Steve D

  2. In a Twilight Zone episode when a guy travels back from the future and wants to get rid if or sell gold he cannot. He was told that water was worth much more which is so true now. You can't drink gold to get hydrated, Mr. Paul.

  3. The huge drop in gold is a good buy signal LOL! You would think Donald Trump would notice it. It is the basis of becoming wealthy on Wall Street. Buy low and sell high.

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