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This Precious Metals Investing Newsletter usually goes out on Thursdays. It’s going out today, Sunday. Sorry for this delay. For some reason the newsletter software I was using wasn’t operating correctly. The problem has been resolved and you will be getting your next issue this coming Thursday. I didn’t want to hold the news about JP Morgan Silver Manipulation Case, the dismissal and it’s reversal until then. There is just too much timely and relevant news coming in that you can use to profit I didn’t want to limit our readers.

One of the big concerns today when you visit any web is security. Is the site that you are visiting secure? When you are visting or communicating with the site is your data secure? That is why Google and security agencies are suggesting end to end encryption. So within the next week we will be installing a commercial grade ssl certificate and software.

There is nothing you have to do on your end. the only change you will notice is the change to HTTPS in the browser address bar instead of the plain old HTTP. The HTTPS is your assurance that you are at a secure website that is using end to end encryption

There shouldn’t be any disruption at all. However if ou have any difficulty or would want to comment on anything you would like to see or have any comments or suggestions for improvement here at you can email me at

One of the problems with the current way the Precious Metals Buying Guide is sent out is that it is only sent out when you first fill out your email address and name in the subscription form on the website. The problem with that method conditions are rapidly changing even in buying physical precious metals. There are special alerts that go out such as the recent slew of counterfeit panda bullion coins and counterfeit US Eagle bullion coins. There are special offers that come up frequently then may disappear. So the precious Metals Buying Guide may become outdated. You can’t just subscribe again to trigger sending the updated copy to you. You will just get an error message that telling you you are alredy subscribed.

I’ve looked at various solutions and the best solution seems to be changing to a membership site.

There will be no charge to become a member.,

Existing users will automatically become members. New visitors will automatically become members when they fill out the subscription from by entering their name and email address in the website form. But what it will allow is it will allow me to set up a secure area on the website where members will always have access to the latest version of the Precious Metals Buying Guide as well as other subscriber only benefits.

I hope to complete this improvement to better assist viewers here at within the next two weeks. I don’t anticipate any problems or loss of service during this change. The procedure for you will be the same. If there are will be any changes I will notify you in advance. If you experience any difficulty or have any comments or suggestions please send an email to

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