Trump’s Effects on Precious Metals – Mike Maloney

What will Trump’s Effects on Precious Metals be? Mike Maloney wanted to stay away from the polarizing politics of the day. But doing that limited his ability to comment about Trump’s Effects on Precious Metals. Mike’s primary goal in his analysis was to find “What creates maximum prosperity for all of mankind.”

According to Mike the world liberal comes from liberty. He says he is a classical liberal. The word liberal has been hijacked by the democratic party because what it originally meant in the time of our founding fathers was libertarian. Mike says he is a Jeffersonian liberal. If you read Jefferson’s work you will be both proud of where our came from and also ashamed of what we have become.

“In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.” – Thomas Jefferson.

Mike Maloney offers perspectives on President Trump’s economic policies including the role of taxes, tariffs, and regulation in the prosperity of all Americans. Some of the proposals, like border tariffs and taxes Mike says history shows us don’t work and are bad police. Some of Trump’s proposals like reducing unnecessary regulations may be good.

Mike also covers the latest Commitment of Traders Report where you’ll learn that institutional traders have increased their short positions indicating a coming drop in silver and gold prices. Watch Mike’s analysis for the complete picture including a look at the Gold/Silver Ratio and how it influences his decision to buy.

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20 thoughts on “Trump’s Effects on Precious Metals – Mike Maloney”

  1. GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney)

    Just read through the comments, I'm going to do a follow-up video on tariffs and their long term effects.

  2. The anecdote with the horses standing under the table and chairs was featured in Time magazine over a decade ago with the caption "Three horses try to hide from the rain under an oversized table and chair in a pasture near Doellstaedt, eastern Germany. The huge garden furniture was installed by a local wood merchant to promote his products. (Wednesday, June 18, 2003)"

  3. mike, any one ever tried to silence you? i hope not, but that's what they usually do unless you're one of em. your work is much appreciated

  4. Checkout the GDX/GLD, GLD/S&P, GDX/S&P , UUP/S&P ratios! Wow! Note 2007 -2009 crash ! Where do you want to be ?

  5. We can eliminate 90% of the insanity we call "politics" by following these first principles of Liberty:

    "Liberty" is a poetic term for property rights.

    Therefore there are only TWO KINDS OF LAWS:

    – those that protect property rights,

    – and those that attack property rights.

    "Have the government do unto others and their property as you'd have the government do unto you, and your property."

  6. Because the horses stand for the dark horse hiding under the sacrificial table. The one they want to sacrifice is the one that will stop the practice. They want to sacrifice the white horse. They call the light dark and change it overnight and vice verse. Because it's a closed circuit. We need to come together in the light. They create catch twenty two to play dumb. No their just dumb to make laws to call anyone on earth a criminal. The sacrificial tables are about to be turned. The ones who used it to control others by remote viewing and pressing fear into everyone are now exposed and being dealt with. We are turning the tides thank you Pegasus. Thank you higher energy avatar forms. As you can see, we need some help. Thank you prime creator of Christ consciousness. Thank you Mother Earth. We thank you for our protection in this turning of the tables. We ask for the laws of forgiveness to be placed upon all here. Those who turned their back on our Mother Earth sexual attracting opposing energy fields especially. Fear takes earth humans over and renders them inert and self destructive. What we need now more than anything else is support of each other for all at all costs. Period. We have no other option as a society. Face it leaders, it's out of balance and ugly here. Truth has been highly distorted and here is the outcome. The fold is upon us all. We are in flux and there is shift going on. The portal will have to open as no one seems to behave and no one wants to hear the messenger but instead what they want to hear. People need to let Donald Trump make some decisions here and correct the enormous lies. President Trump needs to be given a chance. If we open dialog and deal with simple freaking truth then maybe we can come up with answers rather than just trying to dispose of truth. Truth is right at the very center of this Fibonacci sequence of realty. It is the dead center we've been swirling around for what appears to be forever, what they do is jump timelines back at the junctures of the shell snail keeping you all here. False teachings. The center is in high speed. Slow ones can no longer keep up. What they will attempt to do is cook as many people at once while remote viewing the fear of that where they want. Which is directed exactly towards those who carry it. The snooze news helps direct everyone else's attention on it to help do their dirty work. When they feel they are losing, they cook more people who have the m mark on their hands, this is because they don't have the abilities that the ones with the m mark have. If they drink enough blood they can have them temporarily as they attempt to hack the February 29th spiral. The truth of the 50 + 1. Pi. Center of the spiral. A mathematic code that they war with. What they war with is what end of the genetic spiral they gravitate towards in their demise. So they only make it worse. This is their last warning. Work together in cooperation or perish slowly as a society in self destruct mode. This would be caused only by those who don't share but try to control others. Time to get to the bottom of truth so we can grow in strength love harmony bliss and peace. This is what we all want.

  7. That's a fake story about the horses. The county where I live you can actually get in trouble if you don't have a shelter for your horse. It's so the horses can get out of bad weather!????

  8. Do you believe EVERYTHING just because it supports YOUR protest model of the world?

    "While the giant furniture does indeed provide shelter to horses, it was built in such a way as a means of promoting the products of a German wood merchant. It was not constructed as a way of bypassing a council building restriction as claimed in the message."

    Wealth and investment decisions should be wholly impartial to the prejudice of your own beliefs.

  9. Persona Non Grata

    Damn Mike, first you say "all the founding fathers were liberals/libertarians", then you tell me we need to go to Lockheed Martin and Johnson&Johnson to find out how to "get the economy rolling"???? I'm speechless…. The horse table and chairs was interesting, and the explanation of the word Liberal, which most people don't know, was good. But damn. The rest of the video SUCKED. Thumbs down.

  10. Persona Non Grata

    That is absolutely not true. "All of the founding fathers" were not Classical Liberals or Libertarians or anything else for that matter, because "all of the founding fathers" were not the same. Not at all! You put up a picture of Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Franklin and Hamilton when you made that statement… but there were HUGE differences between all of them! Take Hamilton, for example. That guy was FAR from Liberal/Libertarian! He was the Author of Big Government in the U.S.! He gave us the first Central Bank! Holy crap, what an unbelievably ignorant statement. Really, the only one you can say was a true Liberal/Libertarian was Jefferson (as you did), which is good, but good grief… do some research on the others. Start with "Hamilton's Curse" by Tom DiLorenzo.

  11. walterbennetsen live:walterbennetsen

    Mike thanks a lot I feel better about Trump's executive orders that seem to go against the populist watching this video helps me feel a lot better about the future

  12. Apparently the horse shelter was done as a means of promotion, not to bypass regulations.

    "The photograph is genuine but the story of why it was built is untrue. While the giant furniture does indeed provide shelter to horses, it was built in such a way as a means of promoting the products of a German wood merchant. It was not constructed as a way of bypassing a council building restriction as claimed in the message." – Hoax-Slayer website.

  13. So you're a Jefferson libertarian. Does that extend to his rocklike moral principles that I presume he saw as necessary for an ordered, well functioning society? Not really suprising that America's economic decline coincides with the decline of religion and the rise of feminism and homosexuality. Sometime back you spoke out on the treatment of Alan Turing. l believe Thomas Jefferson advocated dismemberment for his " crimes". I suppose he was just being politically correct !

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