Silver Investing in a Nutshell (Part 1 of 2)

BULLIONBOURSE.COM is a proud sponsor of this Channel BUY Gold online I have dealt with Ben from on many occasions and highly recommend their fast service, quality metals and low spreads. In this video I re-cap everything I have discussed over the last year in regards to Silver investing. Why Silver is THE investment of a lifetime.

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25 thoughts on “Silver Investing in a Nutshell (Part 1 of 2)”

  1. they sell it to keep the price artificially low, which keeps people in the dark about how valuable it is. This keeps people (in the form of masses) from fleeing the near worthless dollar in favor of silver. The good news for those of us with silver is that they can’t do this forever, and when they can’t the price of silver is going to boom, and we’ll make the most profit from it.

  2. can someone tell me why the US government made the STUPID decision to sell all of its silver? i have been googling it but nothing came up. also i don’t believe there is gold in fort knox

  3. AustralianinfoWars

    China only want their citizens to buy gold n silver so one day they can take it , What starve us westerners of Silver n Gold? who knows !! I don’t Trust China
    but thats just me.

  4. Well bill murphy, chairman of gata, was given first hand information.

    I trust bill… I think he has more to lose by spreading rumors than not….

    There are a LOT of rumors circulating, some I think carry more weight than others… that is one I believe makes sense as well…

  5. There was no hard evidence of that 125% offer was there? I love your analysis and am bullish on silver, but why give rumors more credence than they deserve?

  6. For a pure investment, lights, seeds, time, space, fertilizer, Marijuana is a easy way to produce wealth….

    Listen to Jim Rogers, the ecomomist
    He says farmers will be driving ferrari’s

    marijuana is the worlds number 1 crop

    Greenhouses are the future, They will be everywhere by the close of 2020 and those who grow marijuana and organic foods will be 10 times better off than those who don’t.


  7. Its just a standing joke as every time I take my eyes off the silver chart and go out for coffee something fairly big happens. Don’t panic its just coffee :o)

  8. The single biggest reason why the Silver ETF’s will eventually come to an end is that when physical supply runs low then all commercial and industrial users will have no use for an ETF being that there is NO WAY to get any physical delivery from an ETF.

  9. I think gold had always been carefully used, but silver have been used like a recyclable can, it may or may not get recovered. (look at TVs and Computers)
    I think most of the silver mined is in the land fills today.

  10. Great refresher in why I love Silver. Thanks John..

    PS I am so glad you keep posting. Gold will maintain wealth. Silver will make you rich… 8)

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