Ted Butler Video: The End of Silver Manipulation is Near

Silver Manipulation

Ted Butler has been investigating and following silver manipulation and the manipulation of the precious metal markets for the past 20 years. In this video his analysis pulls the curtain away and exposes the manner and mechanisms of manipulation. He feels you can trace the weakness in the precious metals directly to the derivatives market. Ted says that if you know how to read government reports you will see they clearly show large traders are manipulating the markets.

In this interview Chris discusses with silver expert Ted Butler the real culprit behind the wild price changes that have plagued silver: Silver manipulation is caused by unfairly concentrated positions within the derivatives market.

One of the telling indicators he believes that shows the dire shortage of physical silver is physical silver being transferred in and out of warehouses at a furious pace as toght supplies are juggled between warehouses.

Gold is being transferred from west to east for the last three years. This flow of gold to China, Russia and Europe will cause problems for both the markets and for governments.

The supply of silver is limited and paper silver can only trump the physical for a limited amount of time. In the end however physical silver will trump paper silver. The paper market prices are so low they are often close to or below the cost silver miners can mine and still make a profit. If they can’t mine at a profit they will slow down or stop mining and that means a reduced supply in the future. Silver has significant industrial uses that are increasing the demand on a limited supply. One of the increasing industrial demands that is going to consume a tremendous amount of silver is solar energy. Each solar panel requires silver. You have probably read that China, in the recent climate agreement, committed to making 25% of their energy supply being renewable. Twenty-five percent of China’s energy needs means they are going to be building a renewable energy source equal to the entire energy output of the US. There’s an addition climate summit going to take place in South America and the conclusion I’m sure they will be coming to is that more energy has to be coming from renewable sources which of course means more solar panels and a need for more silver. There is also increasing industrial demand for silver from the new developing antibacterial applications.

Full Description and comments at: http://www.peakprosperity.com/podcast/88558/ted-butler-silver-nightmare-will-over-soon
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19 thoughts on “Ted Butler Video: The End of Silver Manipulation is Near”

  1. Banks do worry about margin calls you wingnut, does Ted remember a bank
    called Lehman Brothers that went bankrupt…was Ted around in 2009…if so
    his memory is as long as his johnson. The more and more that I listen to
    these so called Silver Gurus I see why following their advice leads to
    losing money. If you listen to these charlatans rather than doing your own
    homework you’ll quickly find that your money is going into someone elses
    pocket. BEWARE!

  2. I’ve been wait for 6 years for the Silver manipulation scheme to end. I’m
    done waiting. It’s not going to end for a very long time. We’re talking
    10,20,>30 years. The reason is the PPT can print an infinite amount of
    Silver. Silver supplies are irrelevant. As long as they can print they can
    always sell you out of your position. Physical metal means nothing.
    The only possibility of Silver imploding is if it gets to around $5 people
    might start buying it faster than they can print fake derivatives. But
    that’s basically impossible. They’ll manage the price down just enough so
    it falls but won’t hit $5 for like 100 years.
    Precious Metals is a fools game. Don’t fight The Fed :-).

  3. Nicholas Robinson

    The reason as to why the silver price has gone down is two fold.
    1. Because the fed has announced it’s stopping QE it needs some stage props
    to manipulate human thinking by manipulation of silver prices. This will
    drive the masses to believe that the fed “must be doing a great job”. So on
    one level it’s a stage prop and they are called props because they prop up
    the lie in a make believe environment.

    2. The very wealthy need to get as much metal as possible to do away with
    the currency that is going to die very very soon. There are around 500 or
    more billionaire’s that have 500, 000000 or more of cash sitting around
    ready to invest in something else. They are in the know and are deserting
    the ship very quickly. They use the cloak and dagger technique to put up a
    false sense of security in the dollar to lure investment in then crash the
    precious metals to enforce that lie (cloak), then they by up as much metal
    as they can and probably other hard assests like land and real estate at
    super cheap prices (dagger) ready in waiting with all their new assests for
    a new monetary system so they will once again be at the top.


  4. I’m sorry Martenson, but if you are relying on the solar panel industry to
    bid up the prices of silver you are in for a disappointment. The AGW myth
    is gradually unraveling, as more and more time is passing by without any
    increase in mean global temperatures (according to the satellite data, the
    warmest year on record was 1998, and that record has not been broken yet).

    Yes, the political elite is still able to force the market to adopt
    expensive solar energy through subsidies etc., but how long can that last
    while the economy is bad and debt is skyrocketing? The politicians are
    starting to realize that expensive “green” initiatives are not good
    electoral assets, but dangerous liabilities.

    Still, I do believe that silver will rebound. But not due to industrial
    demand, but rather monetary demand, as gold becomes too expensive and
    silver becomes the next best alternative for wealth preservation.

  5. Bobby Christopher

    Do not buy ted butler’s newsletter. Put this bum in the poorhouse where he
    belongs. He lives off the ignorance of others. Don’t be a victim.

  6. Sounds to me like driving miners into bankruptcy would make for excellent
    opportunities to buy mines and mining companies if you were, say, a bank.
    Just a bit more transfer of wealth. The people will allow it to pass, for
    they are not silver miners.

  7. Halloween couldn’t have been more terrifying for silver investors. The gray
    metal cracked under $16/oz on Friday, a price not seen for nearly half a

    For years now, it’s seemed like silver was beaten up so badly its price
    couldn’t go lower. But then it would.

    Why has silver been beaten down so badly? (now down 2/3 compared to it’s
    high in late 2011). And will it ever see brighter days again?

    This weekend, Chris has a long discussion with silver expert Ted Butler on
    the real culprit behind the wild price slams that have plagued silver:
    unfairly concentrated positions within the derivatives market.

  8. The criminal Government backed Wall St. devil banks make me sick, and I
    can’t wait for a true leader to step up and grab the bull by the horns and
    have a BBQ! I’m not going to hold my breath though, but it’s hard to take a
    position when everyone is against you, for the benefit of criminals. May
    truth be the victor in 2015, Happy New Year!

  9. These bankers will not change anything until we the people make them. All
    criminals need to be jailed, where they cannot commit the same crimes over,
    and over again. 

  10. No such thing as a free market. Free markets tend to tell the truth about
    the current state of monetary and fiscal policy. It is impossible to have
    a free market when you have a central bank, a plunge protection team, naked
    shorting, and having 100 times the paper contracts vs the actual commodity.
    This can’t end well when they lose control.

  11. past results are no guarantee of future events–including silver’s demise.
    look, the Chinese, and Brics are going to set the price in the future
    through a new Gold Trade Settlement. they will bleed Comex dry. then
    where will silver be? say hello to your new masters—the world! and when
    that happens, the u.s. dollar will be shit, and silver and gold holders
    will be holding the pie.
    the dollar is being by-passed more and more. it will pass as the
    world’s reserve currency in time. see the pound, the Dutch, and many
    others before that. including Portugal. fiat currencies always
    fail….every time. it’s the history of the world.
    Rome took the silver and gold out of their currency (watered it
    down) and 50 years later, currency failure. nixon screwed the french in
    ’71. do your math!!
    got silver? got gold? you’ll need it. paper will pass. and
    the silver supression depends on a good paper currency. 

  12. Oh dear!
    He says that JPM is “buying into a falling market… but will never run out
    of money… They have unlimited money.” This is proof positive, he doesn’t
    know what he is talking about ! They only way they can be buyers like
    that, is if they have OTC customers behind them.
    The question should be: WHO IS BEHIND JPM?

  13. According to the late Bob Chapman … the President’s Working Group on
    Financial Markets secures the loans to the big banks (JPMorganChase, etc.)
    at billions a day at 0% in order to suppress the metal prices.

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