Silver Prices – Where are they Headed In 2015? – Video – David Morgan

Silver Prices – Where are they Headed In 2015?

Kitco News continues its PDAC 2015 coverage with David Morgan. The PDAC in case you were wondering is the Prospectors and Miners Association of Canada. David Morgan talks about where he sees silver prices this year. “I think we’re going to be able to get to the level this year,” he says, adding that he wouldn’t expect much to happen in the metals markets until September. Morgan is also optimistic about gold prices, saying that he expects to see the metal reach 1,550 an ounce by October. “Both those levels are crucial for each metal respectively,” he says. David says the mood at the conference for 2015 is cautiously optomistic

David also talks about his new book, The Silver Manifesto which is one of the most comprehensive analysis and history of silver that I’ve read. David makes a strong case for both the enduring value of silver throughout history and the promising potential for the future. Because of a wide range of factors such as new industrial uses for silver he sees a bright future for silver prices.

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

The Silver Manifesto
The Silver Manifesto

10 thoughts on “<b>Silver Prices</b> – Where are they Headed In 2015? – Video – David Morgan”

  1. David Morgan predictions 2012 $50, 2013 $50, 2014 it would be a base
    building year around $26. What prediction does the Great Gasby have for
    2015, (Drum Roll) $26!!!!!!!! Thank you Mr. Morgan I will be and have been
    selling off all of my silver holdings because you are the premiere
    contrarian indicator in the world. Silver’s probably going to $12 maybe $8.

  2. Could silver go over $20 & gold over $1500 this year? Yes, but never
    underestimate the power of Central Bankers in collusion with governments to
    hold these prices down. Many have been burned trying to make these
    predictions over the last 3-4 years. Also, a poor world economy will lessen
    demand for industrial silver. Gold may yet do better than silver, at least
    in the short run. However, yes, at some point silver is likely to
    outperform gold because there is relatively little above ground silver
    available for use (most has been used up in industry), but most of the gold
    ever mined is still available. If silver is ever re-monetized, then who
    knows how high silver might go.

  3. This guy knows as much about the future price of Silver as I do……
    ps… not much.
    Better to rely on your own judgement.

  4. I will only believe these predictions of 26$ for silver and 1550 for gold
    when I see them. I have a lot of silver and gold and I am not selling – and
    I sure hope David is right this time (he has been wrong so many times – at
    some point he has to be right)

  5. these blokes just bought at the right period. anyone investing all their
    money in silver all gold starting 1999-2000 would be laughing in 2011. The
    extra money you make you can start writing speculative books and start a
    prescription website thinking you are some guru. You are just one lucky
    perma-bull David, but respect you make money doing what you have a passion

  6. Nobody can predict the future. Roll the dice and don’t beat yourself up if
    what you buy goes down. 

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