The Case for $10,000 Gold Price & $500 Silver Price – David Morgan

David Morgan is interviewed in this video by Elijah Johnson about the basis for his belief that the gold price should be 10 times the current gold price. David Morgan tells us based on the level of base money and the amount of gold held by the U.S. Treasury, gold is headed to $10,000 an ounce. If silver reverts to its historic price ratio to gold, that would mean over $500 per ounce silver.

Morgan also points out how an economic crisis could impact the silver supply. 75 percent of silver is mined as a byproduct of base metal mines. If the economy slows, there will be less demand for base metals, reducing the production of silver. If that happens the silver price could rise dramatically.

As for the short term, Morgan sees the gold price and the silver price moving higher within the next few months.

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14 thoughts on “The Case for $10,000 Gold Price & $500 Silver Price – David Morgan”

  1. U can only have increased price based on increased demand. Who is going to buy silver or gold? IF you have another GFC or great depression you won't find much demand, IF robots take all our jobs you won't find much demand, IF you have a nuclear war you won't find much demand. However IF the US currency goes bankrupt, defaults, is hit with hyperinflation it will have significant global effects on many nations, some nations have even abandoned their own currency and only deal in US dollars. Cryptocurrencies will never be anything unless someone like say Paypal brings out their own and backs it with value, no current bitcoin product is backed by anything other than hot air. Silver and Gold will retain value as a store of wealth but that value can go up and down but in my opinion we are at the bottom of their price, the only way to move is up. If the USA decides to re-inforce the value of its currency by putting silver back into coins that will really raise the price of silver, but where will they get the silver? it seems the supply and demand is becoming tighter all the time, I think there is a lot of upside for Silver and it would not surprise me if in the near future the price moves to about 20 or 30 or 50 dollars and ounce and then stays there.

  2. Great work, David. I think the bit about decreased silver supply due to decreased base metal demand really will be a game changer.

  3. john Chesterfield

    In a financial panic, the price of gold and silver could be anything. Math is beside the point. What is important is the gold silver ratio price dose not match nature. Gold will go up fast in a panic but silver will go up faster. I believe the price of silver could equal the price of gold at a higher price. This is not logical but markets are not logical in a panic.

  4. As long as The Fed and bankers control paper precious metal futures contracts on the COMEX,, there will be no free market for precious metals to find their true price. The markets are corrupt and FIXED! Our system has become anything but free….the pirates control the ship.

  5. Back when people went out and bought gold and silver there were no crypyos. ( I personally don't believe in or trust or understand the value of them) So now our investments have turned to crap. If metals ever peak which I don't see I won't be alive to enjoy. Everything in our present age is a strait out lie and there's nothing that we can do about it because the controllers are not bound by the same laws as the slaves.

  6. There finding out ways to make gold in labs yea it's not very cost effective right now but eventually it will be cheaper and gold will tank…new mining tech pulling it out the ground faster and new metals used in electronics that are cheaper….plus this generation is not buying it like the past generations

  7. The rational for higher gold prices makes sense. The return to an "historic" ratio does not. The historic gold silver ratio of the 18th/20th centuries was a fixed ratio based on political agreement (based on relative rarity) in order to create a bimetallic standard. This ratio was NOT based on market forces. Currently, while both metals are manipulated they are equally subject to the manipulation. Therefore, I would think if gold broke free to $10K and silver did as well it would be more reasonable to have a gold silver ratio of 40-60 to one than 20 to one, bringing the price of silver to a healthy $166-250. Normally when there is a mega spike in gold, silver outpaces it for a brief period of time, so a 20-1 ratio ($500) is possible, but if the $10K price were to hold I wouldnt expect the GSR to be 20:1 but something 2X or more higher. No matter how you slice it, Gold $10K means silver goes higher, how much who knows. First let's see $10K gold!

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