Numismatic Value – US Mint Compared to Perth Mint

The accumulation of physical precious metals should be a part of your strategy and is something we recommend at I principally use the purchase of physical precious metals as a strategy to accumulate precious metal bullion. So I look to purchase my physical precious metals from a reputable bullion dealer offering the lowest premium over spot. It’s really important that you choose a reputable dealer who offers prompt shipping and stands behind his precious metals. You don’t want to be penny wise and pound foolish saving a few pennies on premium and worrying about whether you will get the product you ordered.

But that is my preference in accumulating precious metals. However many viewers here have asked about the numismatic aspect of investing in precious metals. There are many variables that go into all of the factors that determine the numismatic value – condition, mintage, etc. I’m no expert on the numismatic aspect of precious metals, but for me there were just too many variables in determining price and many times even the experts and grading companies differ on what the value of the same coin should be.

Many of the viewers have asked about the numismatic aspects of precious metals. In this video a comparison is made between the US Mint and the Perth Mint. Obviously the creator of this video is a numismatic collector and for him the variety in design is a big factor. One of the things that make up the numismatic value of precious metals is the mintage, or how many of a particular coin were made. The point of this video is that the US Mint has kept the design of the Silver Eagle the same over time while the Perth Mint has frequently changed the design. For a numismatic collector this might be important because in different years there might be different mintages. So some coins might be considered rarer and appreciate more numismatically. However frequent design does result in higher costs of production for the mint which results in higher premiums over spot. So for a bullion precious metals buyer he will be getting less precious metal for his money. Many numismatic collectors get pleasure in looking at their coins, comparing mintages and speculating on a potential rise in value.

Which way is best for your investing style? That’s for you to decide.

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10 thoughts on “Numismatic Value – US Mint Compared to Perth Mint”

  1. Yes it is interesting you look on the mint website and there are so many acts of congress to get a coin through but with the state hood quarters they had contest

  2. Australia now has its equivalent coin to the American eagle coin – the 'silver roo' aka 'the buckaroo' :p The first was released in 2015 and its been the exact same design every year since.

  3. Ahh the US mint is tied up in bureaucratic red tape. The gold buffalo is a nice coin though. I guess we will never see an American coin that changes every year.

  4. Silverstack Gorilla

    great video as always! always great insight! where can I pick up a coin case like you have with the foam? thanks!

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