Precious Metals in Trump’s 1st Term

Precious Metals in Trump’s 1st Term

What will happen to precious metals in Trump’s First term? Will the Trump Administration have an economic calamity in the bond market because of the heavy global debt load? Precious metals expert David Morgan says, “Yes, something will take place before the four years is over. I can almost guarantee that. The math is just too simple to see, and you are already seeing it in the bond market. I am very confident because of how the bond market is reacting. The amount of paper that has been pushed upon the system has reached a point that the system cannot tolerate any more. Things will unravel in some way, shape or form. . . . I think before that four year time frame (Trump’s first term) is over, we are going to see that big thrust into the precious metals.”

If you have a mutual fund and have your money with a broker the law now allows the broker to refuse to cash out your account. Your money is pledged to the banks to bail their debts out. The way the debt repayment law is structured the derivatives that get repaid first. If the financial bomb blows up the most liquid financial asset will be precious metals.

Precious Metals in Trump’s 1st Term< won't only be affected by what is happening in the precious metals markets. There will also be geopolitical and global forces that shape what haooens. David discusses with Greg some of the repercussions of Trump election. David believes there will be a honeymoon period. There will be some jobs created. It will feel for a short amount of time like for many America is on the way to being great again. However it won't last because the fundamentals of the debt bomb and increased productivity have not been solved. However the bonds of trust between peoples, businesses, governments and politicians has been lost. Doing what you say you are going to do is one of the foundations that have made America great. David Morgan has just published a new book in which he discusses ome of the opportunities for you to profit:

Second Chance: How to Make and Keep Big Money from the Coming Gold and Silver Shock-Wave

David Morgan is the author of the new book “Second Chance: How to make and keep big money from the coming of the gold and silver shock-wave.”

To learn more about the books and services David Morgan offers please visit his web page here David Morgan’s Resource Page

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13 thoughts on “Precious Metals in Trump’s 1st Term”

  1. I'm afraid the new administration is going to issue a QE 4. In this way they are just going to postpone the collapse as long as they can…

  2. I am one of those in North America that quite reading David Morgan during the gold bear the last number of years. And he still says the same thing, "it could get to those levels". (where he refers to gold). And it could start raining turkey's, both scenarios are highly unlikely. Gold stocks (every notice how these guys, the so-called analysts stopped talking about the gold stocks, and started to only refer to the commodity, gold and silver). are at best a trade. These things (especially the juniors, and micro caps) are like a burning match, you just don't hold onto very long.

  3. Greg Hunter does a fantastic job. No spin or hype, just facts. This is real media. As usual David Morgan is right on point – the canary in the silver mine.

  4. Theodore Roosevelt

    The groundwork is being laid for many indictments. But, you shall not hear a peep until all of the evidence has been gathered, and key-personnel replacements of those indicted has been vetted.

  5. Greg Hunter's USA Watchdog is rock solid interviews and news information- awesome !!  keep up the great work and keep exposing this information about our economy, banking system, and political system

  6. Airhead Trump by using his position to push for a prosecution of Clinton as a political opponent would have triggered a tripwire that could have landed him in impeachment! Just look back at the little weasel Richard Nixon and see how that behavior worked out for him!

  7. Greg Hunter USA Watchdog – one of a handful of news sources I trust. Happy Thanksgiving from Eastern NC Greg and David!

  8. Charles Patterson

    Systemic failure is always very close and a lack of liquidity is likely to be the trigger. It means that a Controlling Person or an Entity – in – charge can *set it off at any time according to their whim…
    At the same time we all work under a combination of 'in-place strictures' that keep a free marketplace from forming…If we could conduct business with each other without having to pay and appeal at every step, we could form a viable economy instead of the joke that we 'enjoy' at this time…

  9. Great interview…but I don't believe the banks are on top. They have been playing with fire and are gonna get burned. All the evil is being exposed. There is a turning of season. The Universe is bigger than the bankers :)

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