1 thought on “What do you think about investing in one ounce Platinum bullion bars or platinum coins?”

  1. I will wait and see before I buy platinum.

    The Platinum price has gone up because South Africa (Largest Platinum producer) has had power outages as of late. This got all the speculators into the market. If oil is anything to go by then 30% of the current price will be speculators running the price up.

    News out of South Africa indicates that electricity will be re-instated within the next few days, allowing the mines to return to production. If this is the case I am not to sure that the price will hold at the current levels.

    There is talk of economic resession, if this is indeed accurate then the number of new vehicle sales (and then production) should start going down again.

    Platinum is used for catalitic convertors on vehicles. So my view is that there will be a decrease in platinum demand filtering through, so watch new vehicle sales before investing hard cash.

    These are my thoughts, but should not be used to guide your investment decisions request specialised advise on these topics.

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