Derivative Dangers, Currency Wars, Gold and Silver – David Morgan

Derivative Dangers, Currency Wars, Gold and Silver – David Morgan

Jim Goddard interviews David Morgan. David’s newsletter. You can receive a free 30 day trial of The Morgan Report Free Trial David believes that the precious metals are undervalued and the Precious Metals are making their moves. David says 2015 should be an up year for the precious metals.

The stock and equity market are extremely overvalued. If you look at the metrics of the stock and the equity market they look fantastic but if you look at the real physical market you can see that there is an extreme disconnect between the two. The overvaluation of the stock market can last for a few months but he believes the change will come and the precious metals will rise in the fall. Precious metals investors should be aware of the gold-silver ratio to maximize the return on their precious metals investments.

David believes the huge amount of derivatives pose a danger to investors especially in the oil market. There is also a huge amount of debt out there and broke governments that may not be able to pay back those debts. Unfortunately there hasn’t been any real work to solve some of these large outstanding problems which although it will cause many problems will bode well for the precious metals.

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